Drum African - Every single child in a class room has their own drum and they will learn some African rhythms with unusual but rather amazing grooves.

At the end of the session they all demonstrate what they would have learnt by performing for each other going around in a circle.

We can also do whole school demonstrations, normally at the end of the day on a school assembly where the sound of the African drums will be heard exhilaratingly by all the pupils. The sizzling beats combine with the essential components of stomp, sliding dance foot steps of movement. We would explain how these sounds were used for alert, song and story to bring alive a village life and traditional ceremonies with in the community.

East Africa is an area rich with heritage so there are lots of rivers and mountains, tropical rainforests and interesting creatures.

This form of awareness through drumming will therefore bring to children a form of a cameo of everyday life, through our ability to meet targets across the national school and adult education curriculum, in creative ways that inspire motivate and stimulate students of all ages.