Charity Fundraisers


The reason of any charity event is to raise as much money as possible and while music and entertainment are an integral component of the evening’s festivities, it’s rarely the main focus. That said, a first-class band with experience of playing at charity events ranging from small-scale school balls to huge gala events run by world-famous, international charitable organisations has the ability to dramatically enhance the atmosphere of generosity.

The entertainment we provide has the ethos of fund-raising at heart and our act is tuned to support the variety of activities designed to raise money

When people are happy, enjoying the event and having a good time, they naturally become more giving and generous

A great event this year means an even bigger, better event next year

ACD-arts are more than just a band. Notwithstanding the fact that we play wonderful, energetic music that’s guaranteed to get your guests singing and dancing through to the early hours, we will help you choose the most appropriate additional entertainment to complement your night perfectly. In addition, thanks to our experience of five decades in the industry, we have seen thousands of innovative, fun and sometimes downright odd ways in which events like yours have raised many millions of pounds for charitable causes. We are more than happy to offer thoughts and ideas about maximizing your fund-raising activity on the night.