African Visual Arts

African Visual Arts Workshops

Our ultimate aim is to provide fun African workshops for schools for an African experience. We would take your school on a journey through Africa. We will introduce you to its people, its countries and to wonderful music, dance, art and cultures.

Textile Making

Two workshops are offered – Tie and Dye or Block Printing. In each we examine our collection of African textiles and then each child decorates their own fabric, either based on a traditional design or by producing their own. Older pupils can design and make their own printing blocks.

Beads and Jewelry Making

We examine our collection of beads and jeweller from around Africa, looking at the materials used, patterns and colours. Each pupil then designs and makes their own string of beads

Mask Making

We have a large collection of masks from around Africa, using these as inspiration each pupil makes and decorates their own mask.


We can also have artists and tutors to provide Capoeira a Brazilian Martial Arts initially developed by African slaves. It combines elements of gymnastics with music and dance. This fun and exciting workshop will develop pupil’s co-ordination, rhythm and musicality