Team Building

Team Building Events Using Percussion and the Kizino African tribal Dance.

Drumming and African Dance  are both powerful team building activities because when it works, the effect is immediate, everyone can feel it and hear it! Both are highly infectious events: people just can’t but help getting involved. You’ll find even the most reserved characters are soon beaming from ear to ear and stomping their feet.

These highly interactive hands-on events will bring your group closer together and will certainly raise the energy levels in the room! Our ‘Drumming & More’ event encourages team work, by working in unison and actively encouraging participants to achieve their goals together. Our percussion experts and authentic African tribesmen have years of experience working with corporate groups and achieving results.

Drumming can be used as a stand alone event, perhaps to end a meeting, conference or dinner or can be incorporated into a full day where we can devise a tailored team event. We can also suggest many ways to make The drumming fits in with your company’s itinerary and each event we organise for clients is dealt with on a bespoke basis.



Option 3: -Choose desired Team Building Activity


Option 1 – Drum Fun Energizer

This highly interactive hands-on event, will bring your group closer together and will certainly raise the energy levels in the room! Timings for a group session can be from 30 minutes to several hours. If a sense of unity and shared achievement are important to your next event, then try Drumming. It is amazing.

Working with professional percussionists, each team will quickly learn the basics of the African rhythms and ‘breaks’, playing a variety of African Drum instruments including Ngomas (drums), Djembez, Amadinda (xylophone), Nsansi (Shakers), etc. Your teams will then work towards producing a grand finale in which every member of the team has an important part to play in creating an amazing african musical 

Package Includes

All instruments and extras

Professional percussionist tuition

Tailored activities to meet desired brief

Events facilitation and management

Public liability insurance

Also included in Package

Pre site/client visit where necessary

Experienced and fully costumed DANCE performers

Costume or performance make-up for the MD/CEO

Face paint for delegates

Framed certificate awarded to your company for completion of the featured Dance

Lyrics provided before hand on request

Public liability insurance


Tribal Musical package is our ultimate team building event for building teams and having fun through the medium of dance and music! Absorbing the power and energy of cultural expression, participants will merge together using drumming, percussion, movement and costume for a spectacular finale performance!

Using diverse cultural expressions from African Geographical places such as Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa,  we will stretch participants’ creative thinking to capacity, showing colleagues in a whole new light! Depending on the duration of your event, you’ll have a choice of our fabulous cultural zones. By working together in such a collective environment participants will learn new skills and the importance of team work through musical collaboration.

Global Music Experience can be run as a stand alone team building event or, to add a memorable twist, it can be run in conjunction with a conference/meeting.


After a quick briefing, teams will head off to the first of their chosen culture zones. These run on a rotational basis, each lasting approximately 40 minutes. Teams will experience a variety of different cultures, learning new skills whilst having fantastic fun!

Each of our sets has a facilitator, ensuring you all get the most from your event; 

Package Includes

Event manager on day to ensure smooth running of activity

Experienced and fully costumed KIZINO DANCE performer

Tribal Face paint for delegates

Framed certificate awarded to your company for completion of the KIZINO DANCE

Drums for everyone

Drum Master

Props and costumes

Fully costumed African dance expert (performing all over the UK)

Plus 2 additional professional facilitators per set

All basic theming in areas to enhance the teams experience

Travel and transportation of event staff and equipment

Option 3. CHOOSE DESIRED SET- Team Building Activity 


SET 1: AFRICAN EXPERIENCE - Here teams will experience the skills and power of group drumming. They will learn to play, listen and react as one voice. Using big hand signals and tons of energy, our Drum Masters will take each team on a rhythmical journey using rhythms from all over Africa. Teams will learn all the basic skills needed for a fantastic finale, but will they also remember their very own signature part when put head to head with the other teams at the end of the day.

SET 2:  KIZINO (UGANDA) & SIBHACA (SWAZILAND) – The ancient tribal dance of Warriors (familiar to THE New Zealand Rugby Team HAKA in terms of aggression supported by AFRICAN TRIBAL DRUMMING) originates from Swaziland, this dance was originally done by men before engaging in women Dance battle.

Participants will be ‘graced’ with a performance from our experts, before embracing the power of SIBHACA for themselves. Our new ‘Tribe’ will take part in this workshop where they will learn the age-old movements & chant of this powerful dance. Finale Teams are introduced to the ancient art of the Mujaguzo…and will design a tribal mascot & their own personal face paint to suit their characters. These will then be ceremonially painted on ready for the big finale performance. The teams’ only battle will be to learn & enjoy this powerful vocal dance, and gain tribal supremacy!

SET 3: WELLYBOOT DANCING (AFRICAN) – Gumboot dancing originated from Africa, and is part of urban South African working-class culture. It all began with rural laborers who worked at the gold mines in South Africa, who brought their strong traditions or rhythm, song and dance with them. Inside the mines workers used gumboots (or wellyboots) to communicate with each other, by slapping their boots, stamping their feet, and rattling their ankle chains.

Our fantastic Gumbooter’s start off with an incredible high energy performance, followed by them taking you on a magnificent rhythmic journey allowing you to have some thigh slapping, foot stamping, clapping fun. This event allows you in a short space of time to get your wellies on and communicate like never before!