Case Studies

Hackney Carnival

Hackney Council’s 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games Unit commisioined ACDarts to take part in this project and ACDarts provided 12 artists for this Case study

The theme of 2012 year’s Carnival was celebrating Hackney’s diverse communities and takes its inspiration from the flags and colours of a huge variety of continents and countries and focused on showcasing all of Hackney’s diverse communities. The contract consisted of 2 tasks:

Hackney Parade: Work on a route to do during a procession throughout Hackney Borough as well as a sequence for a 6 minute finale piece upon arrival in Hackney Downs Park where the ceremony took place. Hackney Downs Park Live Stage Performances: Produce a 10 minute performance in Carnival African Music, Drumming and Dancing on the main stage at the Ceremony in Hackney Downs Park.

Hackney Council’s 2012 Unit and the carnival group Kinetika proposed to use the stunning costumes that had been produced for the Fifa World Cup opening ceremony in Abdu Dhabi 2011 which celebrated 6 nations and are all beautifully adorned with vibrant cultural references as featured in the above photograph.

Each national section comprised of 3 wings (4m high) and 12 skirts (3m wide). The costumes were made from pure silk and were exceedingly light, easy to wear and came with headdresses, collars for skirts and tabards for wings.

As part of this Case study ACDarts took park in:

• 1-3 participatory workshops (these were flexible based on the needs of each group) and the provision of the stunning costumes..

• Showcased the organisation or group’s culture and heritage.

• A choreographer ran a series of workshops (1-3 workshops, 2-3 hours each) which helped the group to:

- develop a movement for the procession

- develop a 6 minute finale piece for all 90 costumes to perform together in Hackney Downs Park

Live Stage Performance Hackney Downs Park Live Stage Performances

Once the procession arrived at Hackney Downs Park there was a stage where showcases of cultural offerings from as many of diverse communities. ACDarts provided a performance Carnival African Drumming, Singing and Dancing in a 5to 10 minute time slot – including any set-up.

Hackney Carnival 2012

Hackney Council’s 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games Unit organised the Hackney One Carnival which was held on Sunday 8th of August 2010  as part of the Cultural Olympiad celebrating the diverse cultures across the UK in build up to the LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS



Clients request: We are looking to hold an African themed lunch at our client’s office in May (no date fixed yet) and the idea is to give them a feel of Africa.

We are very much opened to ideas

We would also like to theme the restaurant so if you have any soft theming or props you could put around the room that would be great.

As I said this is just a lunch time activity so the whole event will last a couple of hours with people coming and going all the time. All of your ideas would be very welcome.

Please include costs with your proposal.

This is what we proposed for this event.

1st-AREA/ROOM SHOW: Have in a couple of singers and drummers performing as people come and go. I am not sure if this is what you mentioned just the one drummer or singers seem too short to give a good performance impression. I say we look at around 4/5 people in this room. The artists would be playing some music, singing as a MEET AND GREET to the guests as they arrive and enter the restaurant. I suggest this to be situated nearer as close to the main entrance as possible.

2nd-AREA/ROOM-ACTIVITY GUESTS PARTICIPATION: In this we could have 2/3 artists leading an interactive and participatory activity. We could have activities like African Drumming/African Dancing-with this we would bring a suitable number of Drums and Dancing props depending on how many guests you envisage would be involved during this lunch time period. We could also have some acrobatics going on here and may be a capoeira activity.

3rd EXBIHITION DISPLAY AREA: We would set up an area where we can have displays of African Antiques, Beads & Jewellery and perhaps a screen showing the weather or climate, animals, forest and rivers of Africa,village life, different tribes etc... For this area we would need about 4 artists running this. They would be having simple chats about African to the guests as well as answering any questions.

4TH- AFRICAN THEME- PROPS DECORATIONS: We would decorate the area very African using African Costumes, Attires,Props,African paintings etc... We would stick African Printed Textiles and Masks on the wall or also have them hanging around.

- During this time the guests would get a feel good African Taste with soft African Music to create background as they mix and mingle whilst their conversations. - They would also be entertained with a showcase of African Drumming, Singing and Dancing. - They would also get an opportunity to have a go at things when they take part in the interactive workshops.

We would run the events very lively with “LIVE INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT ENRICHMENT...!!!”

We produced this event and received the below testimonial/s:

Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing such a great job yesterday at Nokia, they absolutely loved it and gave you an A+ I paid your invoice yesterday so the money should be in your account by now. Thanks again and hope to work with you again soon. Kind Regards Nick

Hi Nick I will like to extend my great appreciation for the work ACD-Arts team did yesterday. It was A+ J and the excitement was great, nothing like this has been done in Nokia so it was a unique experience. I am glad we could pull this through successfully and I now know where to look when we have to create such events! Big thanks to you both! Kind regards Chrissie

Feel Of Africa Event



We were presented with below case study by Mec Acess whose client was Marriot Hotel Chain and were asked to provide the service:

I am looking for an African band to whip up excitement at a international sporting event. My client which is a major hotel chain has sponsored a sporting event whose theme this year is safari. We are looking to create a fun atmosphere around the grounds and train stations. This can also extend per the event where we would like the band to play at 5or 6 train stations. I would like to speak to someone about this ASAP please....

This is what we proposed for this event....READ

This is what we proposed for this event.

• Event Dates: 11th and 12th May 2013 for the Marriott London Sevens at Twickenham

• A band of 15 African performers – drummers and perhaps one or two dancers to create a fun vibrant safari atmosphere – This will be more about creating an infectious, loud and lively event showcasing the pulsating rhythm of the continent

• The band will be required to play by the Twickenham station and along the route to the stadium to create that safari fun feel. The drummers should be portable in that case- we want to focus on drummers

• In the lead up to the event we would also like the group to go on different days to 5 different train stations to perform.

• As this is a marketing initiative we would like to provide branding for the performers – this could be in the form of removable stickers for the drummers, branded flags for waving, branded war paint and or branded t-shirts – will you be opposed to this? Of course relevant African outfits would be good –esp. if authentic.

What I need from you is:

• Proposed costs – please send me itemised costs

• Proposal on the band and service you will be able to provide

• Clips ( audio or visual ) and pictures

• Case studies or examples of corporate work you have done.

I should mention that the client’s colours are red and white so if we can have outfits that match this that would be great.

Thank you

The project also involved a marketing Initiative prior to the event-see below email so we worked with other teamed with our companies to oversee the project. The companies were:

MOTION UK-Experiential Activation Agency to create an infectious Safari Carnival Atmosphere by providing African Themed Props which included the following:

20x10ft Safari Backdrop 20x10ft Deep in Jungle Backdrop 20x10ft Clearing in Jungle Backdrop 20x10ft Sunset Backdrop 8x8x2ft Wooden African Safari Bar Life Size Resin Cast Gorilla Statue Life Size Resin Cast Snake on a Tree Statue Life Size Resin Cast Lion Statue TWO x 6ft Flame Lights FOUR x 10ft Palm Trees Green Carpet Wooden Posts with Ropes Lighting to light Props where necessary Rigging for Backdrops Delivery, Staff to setup and dismantle. MOTION UK also designed the Marriot T-shirts the artists wore as Uniform for the Marriot Branding Initiative as well as managing things logistically.

This marketing initiative took place on 2nd May 2013 at Canary Wharf outside the Underground Station.

We were also proud this same project we also worked with EVENTS 360 another company which oversaw the managing and producing of the Marriot London Sevens at Twickenham Stadium on 11th and 12th May 2013.

Events 360 sent us this case study below:

I will be in touch with further details and timings etc but wanted to let you know ASAP that this is going ahead. To give you a quick overview, both groups will be required to perform in the outer concourse/ car park areas (please see photos below): As we discussed, I am aware that if the ACDarts group performers are required for more than 5 hours this may lead to additional costs as the cost above is based on 5 hours onsite.

As per Lou brief, the ACDarts group performers need to consist of the following:

1. A group of 15 drummers to perform loud vibrant drumming (we do not want a traditional slant) its all about creating that safari fun atmosphere

2. 2 dancers or shakers to move to the rhythm of the beat

3. There must be full Marriott branding throughout – the uniforms should be the Marriott colours (branded Marriott t shirts for the majority of the group)- perhaps the dancers are in traditional outfits, branded flags, some branding to affix to drums etc

I will speak to our sound engineer regarding mic’ing but we discussed 6 x clip on mics and 6 x static mics – I will come back to you on this. If you could send a photo or video of the formation of the drummers that would help him establish the type of mics required.


We received the following testimonial/s upon completion of the work:

MEC ACESS-MEC United Kingdom | Media Agency | Media Buying | Media Planner Hi,

Hope you are well.

I would like to say thank you very much for the wonderful job you guys did at the Sevens. You helped to create an infectious atmosphere both in the stadium and around the grounds. It has been a pleasure to work with you guys and to meet the team.

If we wanted to send something to thank the team what do you think would do down well with the guys and where should it be delivered?


EVENT 360- Specialists in Stadium Events & Spectator Experiences


Thanks for your email. I think overall everyone was happy and the drummers went down very well with the crowd.

It has been very nice working with you and I hope our paths cross again at some point.

Best wishes


Marriot Safari London Sevens

Nokia Event

We would run the events very lively with “LIVE INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT ENRICHMENT...!!!”

We produced this event and received the below testimonial/s:

Hi, I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing such a great job yesterday at Nokia, they absolutely loved it and gave you an A+ I paid your invoice yesterday so the money should be in your account by now. Thanks again and hope to work with you again soon. Kind Regards Nick

Hi Nick

I will like to extend my great appreciation for the work ACD-Arts did yesterday. It was A+ J and the excitement was great, nothing like this has been done in Nokia so it was a unique experience. I am glad we could pull this through successfully and I now know where to look when we have to create such events! Big thanks to you both!

Kind regards



Nokia Event

Against Hunger’s 10K Challenge, 19th September 2012

This is what we proposed for this event....

Hi Bashir

‘We are so grateful to ACD Arts for helping to make Action Against Hunger’s 10K Challenge a huge success, and for providing a great atmosphere for runners on race day. We approached ACD Arts as we were looking for a variety of performers to play music representing our programme countries around the world, to bring our work to life for our runners and create a good atmosphere on the day;

not only did ACD Arts do this to great effect, they also performed for nothing but travel expenses. This allowed us to spend more of our fundraising from the event on our work in over 46 countries, rather than on the running costs of the event itself. I would happily recommend ACD Arts and hire them again for other events. Thank you for your support guys!’

I’ve attached a photo and the video can be found here:



Against Hunger 10K Challenge



Image 04

This was a very detailed and intricately planned event that was once again executed brilliantly because of the hard work and good communication between client and our artists. READ

Part 1: The presentation opening

 The Speaker will ask the audience to close their eyes and visualise the story she is telling them. She will tell them a story about an African village far away. The drummers will then join the Speaker on stage, drumming softly to build up the story. The rest of the HR team (team of 10) will join them on stage. The drumming will get louder and then myself and three of the other

helpers will hand out drums so everyone can join in. There will be a few minutes of high energy drumming which will then come to an end.

 The Speaker will then use the drummers to describe some stories about working to one vision, and how we will get to the goal despite not having the same resources everyone else has. She will then go through the presentation.

Part 2: Coaching for Leaders section

 On the presentation on Coaching for Leaders, we will use the drums for people to vote on questions. This will last about 20 minutes.

Part 3: The end of the presentation

 15-20mins free at end of session to have high energy fun.

Image 04

My story for the Summit

Before we go into the details of the People Strategy activities, I want to tell you a story.. I want you to be able to visualise the story, so I am going to ask you to close  your eyes (use the eye masks to help you if you want), and picture the scene I am going to tell you about.

My story is about a small African village. A village that has very little. No roads, no electricity, no running water. It is hot and dusty in this village. The children go to school in a tent, with one teacher for all of them. There is very little formal work for the adults, but some of them travel by foot to a near by town where they work. The rest of the adults are kept busy each day by hunting for food, tending to their vegetable gardens, washing the few clothes they have, and going to fetch water in a nearby river. This little village is very poor. But they are very rich in some respects.

They have pride in their village, and in themselves. They have passion and energy to improve the lives of everyone in the village, and they have a vision of what their village could be. They all feel the compelling need to work well together as a team to fulfil their vision, their dream..

Day by day, everyone goes about doing their job, and the children go to school.

Once a month, in the late afternoon or early evening all the families get together to have a meal together and to celebrate. They celebrate themselves and their dreams. They celebrate their progress towards their vision. On that evening, some of the villagers build a large fire in the middle of the village meeting area, and everyone gathers around it. They cook an animal that was hunted for the occasion on this open fire, and they talk about their dreams. Some of the villagers sing, and some dance. 


Image 04

The drums may be a simple musical instrument, but for the villagers, it signifies their

spirit, their energy and their passion. They all beat their drums together, louder and

louder, faster and faster, until everyone is beating to the same beat or dancing to the

sound of drums. Together they make beautiful music. 


Open your eyes, and join us! Show us your passion and your energy, and let’s hear

the MEA team dream – and drum - together! We are just like these villagers – we

may not have all the resources we want or need just yet, but we have the energy and

the passion and the dreams to fulfil our vision. Let’s have some fun together while

we build our region into the powerhouse it will become!


I hope you all enjoyed that? Amazing how we can make such incredible music

together, without lots of practice or time together. Imagine how powerful we can be

when we build our dream together? Let’s do it. Let’s drum to the same beat, and

work together to fulfil our dreams! ONE LAST DRUMMING SECTION – ONE


Leadership Summit Lord's Cricket Ground