Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions we commonly get from clients and organisations that want to engage our services. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, please get in touch.

How do I make a booking?

Using the contact page give us a call or fill out a contact form and we shall get back to you.

How do I know that a booking is confirmed?

You will be sent a contract to sign either by post or email including details of the confirmed event.

How do I make payment?

Usually we require a percentage of the agreed fee as a deposit before we confirm a booking. This is stated in our terms and conditions which are binding once a booking is confirmed. Company bookings may have different procedures.

What if I have a special request?

We are always happy to perform special requests from clients whenever possible so we encourage you to inform us however this is not always possible because it may require more performers or other equipment we may not have.

What should I expect?

We can travel  Nationally and Internationally and we have our own P.A Sound System which is PAT tested.

Our standard set is 2x20 mins preferably with  a break in between.

We specialise in entertainment especially for African Themed Events like Weddings, Balls, and Birthday Parties etc...

We can play live Soft African Music as background music for your guests to listen to as they arrive or have their conversations.

We can play more vibrant live African Music for your guests to dance along to.

We can also do some DJ-ing as an incentive-we bring a laptop to play during our breaks between sets.

What packages do you do?

World African Fusion Band- For music and some dance at weddings, private parties, cooperate, events, bars/clubs etc...

A Traditional African Group at school balls, Companies Corporate Cultural Days, Charity Fundraising events, Tribute events/ parties etc...

African Drummers where we can provide drums to provide backing/create a carnival atmosphere or attract crowds at especially outdoors events to seek attention at Corporate Events e.g. company adverts, promotions, launching events etc...

African Dancers as boosters at your event to entertain or welcome or see off guests.

We provide various 2 packages: 

6-8 artists or 8-10 artists (This includes musicians, singers and dancers as well as a sound engineer) but we can also tailor your budget.

 We can also work as a 2 piece, 3piece, 4 or 5piece. (Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet or Quintet)

What are the terms and conditions?


Once a booking is confirmed, payment of a quarter of the fee as deposit (if applicable) is required. Once booking is confirmed and cancelled within a week of the performance, the deposit is not refundable.

Be specific on what you order. E.g. start time, types of dances you require, time slots between the first performance and the next.

In instances where we have been delayed due to an unavoidable circumstances, we shall endeavour to compensate for time of loss and booking fees accordingly.

A booking is taken for the group we cannot guarantee specific individuals or artists.

You should expect professional quality and efficient service in return

We will keep you informed on any developments of your booking.

We will be available by email and phone should you wish to contact us.

Should you find our service unsatisfactory, please don’t hesitate to voice a complaint to ACD-arts coordinator or the director.

A contract needs to be agreed to whenever a booking is confirmed.

All bookings are governed by these terms and conditions. Payment of a deposit or signing the contract automatically applies these terms and conditions.

The full amount MUST be paid before performing on stage. (if applicable)

We can only stay/wait at the venue for no more than 60 mins before the booked start time. Between the 1st and 2nd slots, we cannot wait for more than 60 min before we perform unless prior agreed.

If you have booked the artists for more than 1 hour or the whole day arrangement for refreshment should be made else this will be added to the bill.

Can I join ACD-Arts?

We welcome new members and are on the look out for talent all the time. Read through our profile and background, if you need further information, get in touch then CLICK HERE to download a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.

Terms and Conditions